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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

INNER Circle Is Impressive & Invigorating

Justin Kotze writes:
'I really enjoyed the INNER Circle BOSKRUIN meeting on Thursday, I was truly impressed with the amount of positive growth a company can receive from attending a meeting like this.I always wanted to be part of something like this and I feel that I have found a great place to grow more as a businessmen to help develop the business I am in.' Justin Kotze - Marketing Manager

Marlene Ward met us at Boskruin last week and writes:
'A very invigorating introduction to the INNER Circle! A small group of extremely energetic, experienced people. I am delighted that I made the effort to attend and will be there next month.' Regards Marlene

Monday, April 19, 2010

INNER Circle - A Great Vibe

Terry Madavo writes:
'I cannot compare this INNER Circle SANDTON Networking Forum to any other I have attended. It really was a ‘no-nonsense’ and ‘straight to the point’ gathering of like minded business people. The amount of value gained in such a short period of time was quite simply SPECTACULAR! Everyone shares information, contacts, referrals and advice in an incredibly selfless manner – which in my opinion is not only the smartest way, but also the best way to do business. Thanks Gill for putting it all together.'

Marlet Tromp writes:
Hi Jack and Audrey - 'Thank you for a lovely INNER Circle BOSKRUIN network meeting last night. You guys know how to make business enjoyable and make networking work for all of us!'

Bob Lewis writes:
'I was impressed by the infectious optimism of the INNER Circle BOSKRUIN group (and their refreshing sense of humour.) Most of them already knew one another and many appeared to have created mutual business opportunities – not necessarily directly between one another but via on-referrals to people and companies outside the Circle. Several gave solid examples and all appeared to be enjoying some degree of success from the associations - and money was being made from the referrals. Some have access to important databases, for example.'

Marieta Kotzé writes:
'What a great vibe! I really enjoyed the positivity around the table. I will definitely be attending more INNER Circle meetings. This is a great way of building relationships and a great alternative to “cold-calling!'

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Love INNER Circle - Always Insightful

Yvonne Fuller-Good writes:

INNER Circle meetings whatever the size are always insightful, business focused, stimulating and fun. Trevor has an incredible ability to spot the possible and create great great opportunities and connections that work. I love INNER Circle.


Brian Carter writes:

Hi Trevor
... last night's meeting, it was a wonderful opportunity to have some heart-to-heart networking indeed, and I personally left the meeting feeling inspired and energised.

Kind regards
082 855 3281
011 284 0000


Monday, November 23, 2009

More TESTIMONIALS In - Nov 2009

Claudia Scott writes:

Hi Audrey and Jack

Thanks for yet another fantastic INNER Circle BOSKRUIN meeting in a such a relaxed and friendly environment. It was great to attend a new venue and to network with new people. Your dedication and commitment to growing INNER Circle is much appreciated.

To Trevor, thanks again for an incredible platform. My business is steadily growing but , more importantly, my thought process has expanded exponentially over the past few months by discussing thoughts and ideas with fellow members of INNER Circle.

Kind regards
Claudia Scott

imagine green
Tel: 011 510 0572 - Cell: 072 832 0702 -


Erich Benzinger writes:

Dear Trevor Nel,
Thank you for your patent way in which you explained my specific situation I am confident that the business concept can be accommodated to the benefit of many members of the INNER Circle. Many thanks to John Broome, John Brandow, Manie Groenewald and Munyaradzi Macumbe for their input.

Kind regards,
Erich Benzinger


Tony Vink writes:

Hi Trevor and Jack,
Thank you for the meeting yesterday afternoon at the Boskruin INNER Circle. I am loving the interaction and making connectionswith other business owners. The fact that the businesses attending are so diverse can only begood for us. Also I will mail all the people in attendance to remind them of my service and my offer to look at JV's and Strategic Alliances.

Tony Vink
PS: Remember, I'm the 'Awful Artwork' Adjuster.


Mike Gardner writes:
Congratulations to Gill and Kevin - INNER Circle SANDTON - for a wide ranging and interesting meeting. Keep it up Guys.

Mike Gardner


Adam Scott writes:

Hi Jack

Thanks for your hospitality last night. Great INNER Circle BOSKRUIN meeting and illustrative of what networking is about. Ask not what the network can do for me but ask rather what you can do for the network! Invest in the network first then they will invest in you.

Adam Scott
Managing Director & Franchise Principal
Iconic Assurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd
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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Annatjie APPRECIATES The Help, Support & Guidance

Annatjie Venter writes:
Hi Trevor

Once again, what a great meeting! Everybody at INNER Circle is so supportive and helpful; I can’t find words to describe the appreciation for all the input, support and guidance that I get from the INNER Circle members. In a short time (with the help of my INNER Circle friends) I’ve managed to get in contact with so many positive leads and prospects, it would have taken me years to get where I am now. Just to share something with you,

I’ve attend a function at a Hotel on the 2nd, they hosted this function for there big corporate clients. (I was the only person invited to display my products) and was able to meet with +- 100 secretaries from various companies. Needless to say, I had a wonderful opportunity and a successful day and in the same process won a 2 night stay for 2 people at a 4 star hotels in Cape Town. How is that for networking??? What a pleasure!!!

A wonderful Quote from last night that stands out in my mind: “Tough times don’t last only though people do!!”

Have a wonderful day


Friday, August 21, 2009

Mid-August '09 Testimonials

Manie Groenewald writes:

I really enjoy the INNER Circle community. It is great to hear the positive feedback from people who have attended our meetings.

Manie Groenewald


Dr. Marlet Tromp writes:

Hi Trevor, nice to be your friend! I enjoyed the meeting last night. I find INNER Circle a great network forum!

Marlet Tromp


Allison Martin writes:

Afternoon Trevor. This looks extremely interesting! Thank you very much for last night!

How can I find out more information around getting involved with the Soweto Chamber of Commerce and being their preferred connectivity provider please?
All the best,


Manie van Niekerk writes:

Trevor, Congrats, and thanks your INNER Circle meeting last night was very effective.

Manie van Niekerk
Mobile: 072 745 4554
Fax: 086 614 4803

Elmarie Louw writes:
Hi Ivan and Trevor.
It was great to join you at the INNER Circle meeting. I definitely plan to make this my No 1 networking group. I really felt that it was a safe environment to network with other positive people, and that everyone are there to help one another. Will see you soon!
Elmarie Louw


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More NEAT Testimonials Roll In

Annatjie Venter writes:

Hi Trevor

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be part of this meeting. I really enjoyed the vibe and being around such positive energy mean a lot to me as a new business owner. As I've showed you my Chocolate products with the printing of the Palazzo's Logo, I was actionaly looking forward to see Linda (from the Palazzo) there as well. She did however send me an e-mail to say that she would be on a conference for the rest of the week. Anyway thanks for a wonderful meeting and the opportunity to meet such a bunch of wonderful people. I will definitly attend all the meetings at the Palazzo so you can count me in everytime and I am sure we will get even more people joining our group, if they don't, they are losing the opportunity of a life time.

Kind Regards
Annatjie Venter
Chocolography SA


Claudia Scott writes:

Hi Trevor
Many thanks for a most inspiring and invigorating meeting last night and for the opportunity of networking with motivated, passionate, knowlegeable and dedicated business people.I look forward to exploring and developing long-standing mutually beneficial business relationships through INNER Circle.
Kind regards


Ute Sonnenberg writes:

Hi Trevor,
Thank you for bringing us together for an inspiring evening with great people. See you next time!
Kind regards,Ute Sonnenberg


Ronel Vermeulen writes:
Hi Trevor and the Team at Palazzo,
Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend the meeting and being part of such a great vibe of business going on in different industries and sectors. The venue lends itself well to the professionalism of the meeting intent.
Ronél Vermeulen
payITforward - Creating Opportunity for Choice
Office +27 11 827-4127
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Fax: 086 503 4815

Testimonial: Tony Vink GETS IT

Tony Vink wrote this on link: INNER Circle meetings - Be there!

Hi all,

I would like to give some feedback to all members of the INNER CIRCLE who have not yet attended a meeting in the flesh so to speak. I was like some members, laying a little low, I thought, I'd join the site and see what gives. Well, to be honest there is only so much you can do by connecting online. You can make friends online, even arrange a few one on one meetings online and , if you're lucky, some business may be had. In fact, I have connected with Graham Mitchel of ActionCoach and have joined him to coach me in my quest to build a great business. I'm glad to report that that is going very well.I digress. The point is, that successful networking will, sooner or later, require some face to face contact.

So I decided that I would take the next step and joint the meeting at Benvenuto Conference Centre on friday the 30th July. In fact, I was so looking forward to it that I miss-read my clock and arrived an hour to early! When the folks all started arriving it quickly became apparent to me that these people don't just meet and sit down and talk business, but that everyone knows very one and are friends. When the meeting got underway, we were all welcomed by Brian Carter, our host for the evening who allowed us to briefly introduce ourselves. I forgot to mention that there were 25 people in the meeting and the room was quite full! Seems there were others like myself who just 'arrived'.

After introductions, Brian afforded everyone a chance to talk about their business and the services they provide. There was some banter between the members who knew each other well which was nice and gave the meeting a pleasant informal atmosphere.There was a short Presentation by Michael about Email marketing which I felt was a bit of a teaser and we are all waiting to learn more. At the end of the meeting Tervor Nel, who is one of the co-founders of INNER CIRCLE, gave everyone an update on the huge project he is involved with and expressed his excitement about the meeting and the possibilities of connections.

What I learned, other than who everyone is and what they do, is that there are many ways to connect. Judging from the multiple Joint Ventures (JV's) that several members had formed there is a lot of scope to do business. It is also recommended that you attend regularly, to give everyone a chance to get to know you, I think it makes sense that having a more personal relationship with each other will make connecting and referring prospects to each other easier. The most important thing I learned is that bringing ideas to the meeting is most valuable. Ideas which you might have floating around and don't know what to do with if brought to the meeting might well be your next big thing, your next big contract. I also feel it is important not to worry that someone at the meeting already does what you do, the important thing to remember is that we need to have an attitude of abundance, there is plenty for everyone, especially those who band together like the INNER CIRCLE.

I will probably be attending the Fairlands meeting every month and then attend some of the other venues on occasion. Perhaps I can ask for comments about attending different meetings at different locations.

I am excited to have this connection and I encourage those of you who have not yet attended a meeting, to make a plan.

See you at the next meeting